A Place Sort Of: new headquarters on the internet!

Dear friends:

Welcome to the A Place Sort Of page, the brand-new imaginary production office of A PLACE SORT OF--the ultimate Missoula documentary! My name is Andy Smetanka, and I could hardly be more excited to gasp the first sputtering words of A PLACE SORT OF: the blog!

Here I will post bulletins from the production of A PLACE SORT OF, a bold experimental documentary feature combining new and vintage home-movie footage and startling animation to explore the aquifer of lore and mystery flowing just beneath the Garden City . Here I will occasionally send out APBs, looking for old photos and certain other types of evidence. Here you will learn about things you can buy and ways you can help. Here I will post the occasional interesting tidbit of Missoula-area lore and history, like this one: What is now Evaro Hill was once called something different, named after a Hawaiian trader killed there by the Blackfeet in the 1800s.

That's right, Hawaiian. Welcome to Missoula. Get to peeling back the layers, and even the history of your own street is wilder than you think. 

As you can see, I'm still getting all my stuffed moved in. Lots of photos and film clips to unpack, and the walls won't stay this bare for long. I hope this will be a regular salon of vintage Missoula studies, and that you will drop in again whenever you like to see how it'c coming along. Please make A Place Sort Of a regular thing to keep up with--now we've got Internet, there's no stopping us now!

More boxes to carry in, but feel free to look around the Voyageur site and see what's already been unpacked. Beer in the fridge,

/Andy Smetanka