Will wonders never cease? Just last week I became the second-to-last man in Missoula to give up his flip-phone, and now this! Blogging! 

I used to take a certain amount of contrarian pride in things like not having an Instagram account, not having a blog, and of course, having to mash a button ten times on my old phone. Gradually I came around to the idea that learning to use Internet more efficiently, for better or worse, is pretty much a professional necessity. And also I starting thinking that making a better effort to stay in touch with Kickstarter backers and keeping them informed about progress on my Missoula documentary might be a pretty good idea, too. 

So this first, short update on A Place (Sort Of) is especially for you Kickstarter folks. Right off the bat you might have noticed that A Place (Sort Of), with parenthesis, is the new working title. There's a special place in my heart for those of you who actually tied your pledge to a say in the matter of punctuation; this is probably THE final version. As promised, you will be receiving the novelty oversize punctuation of your choice, affixed to a sturdy collectible postcard.

Speaking of rewards by mail: thank you all for waiting most patiently for the rewards you've still got coming. Next month is the month: poster will be finished, t-shirts probably too, and also the much-anticipated prints of Missoula landmarks in hand-cut silhouette. If you live In Missoula, I'd like to deliver in person, if you don't mind. At all events you'll be able to see what you're getting very soon. If that's your bag. Some people like to be surprised; I can arrange that, too. But hold on just a little longer...

As for the movie itself: Yes, there's been progress, and a good deal of it. Most of the pertinent materials in my existing archive have been digitized, and I've shot lots of new material (on Super 8 and 16mm) that is just waiting to be processed and scanned as well. Funds permitting, I'll be able to pay for high-quality transfers of some other people's private footage, too. Keep your eyes peeled for treasure in great aunt Mildred's attic!

Animation-wise I've also been keeping busy, basically starting at the beginning with scenes of Glacial Lake Missoula and the activities of Native Americans in the valley, particularly in Hellgate Canyon. I wouldn't say I'm at the halfway point in production yet, but with 45 minutes or so of exposed footage (time-lapse, etc. ) waiting for the process/scan treatment, I'd say I've shot more than half of what I plan to shoot new for this project. 

As I always tell people, A Place (Sort Of) is a thousand little tasks and things to monitor. I'd never be able to remember it all if I didn't write it down in a notebook/journal I've devoted to keeping some record of the production. I've never been very good about keeping to a journal, but this one has been a lifeline through a sprawling project, and I look forward to sharing the choice bits with you. It's full of lists and Missoula phenomena. I'm also lucky to have a part-time job as an archivist in a private collection where exciting new/old Missoula discoveries come to light all the time. I look forward to sharing those, too.  

So here's a start, then. By next installment maybe I'll have figured how to post some photos. Keep the faith!

/Andy S